Ateco Engineering Company Limited was established in 2007.Under the old name is Advanced Tech Equipment Limited Partnership. Which operates in the field of industrial distribution products and maintenance of industrial machinery. And later came to use the new name is Ateco Engineering Co., Ltd. on February 3, 2010, which added another type of import business is the Generator, Industrial Washing Machine, Chiller and many other related products. And construction business also to meet the needs of today's market more.Our company has a team Specialized engineers and many experience to control all steps. So our company is ready operations and services covering the entire business of the company.For all your patrons to enjoy the highest satisfaction and full performance.

The business of the Company is divided into 2 parts as follows.

Part 1: Machinery and Industrial Lubricant Sales Department

  1. Generator Sales Department
  2. Industrial washing machines, dryers, ironing machines Sales Department
  3. Fire Fighting Pump Sales Department
  4. Chiller Machine Sales Department
  5. Industrial Lubricants and Transportation Lubricants Sales Departmemt

Part 2 : Construction Design, Engineering system and the installation is complete.

  1. Construction Design and Engineering System Department.
  2. Electrical System and Communication System Department.
  3. Mechanical System such as : Air conditioning, Chillers, Water Pumps, Fire Extinguishers.
  4. Automation Control System with PLC, HMI, SCADA etc.


The Company is committed to operating the business in accordance with the planning regulations.
The company has placed it with a commitment to honest and punctual.For to give the clients maximum satisfaction.
As well as the development of personnel to be more effective along with the growth of the company.


The company is committed to respond the needs of customers with quality service. To provide customers with the - highest satisfaction first. Including to promote the customers to access the information and increase of communication channels - with modern technology. To be in accordance with the purpose that the company has planned.