Generator / Washing Machine / Chiller etc. Spare Parts
You'll get permanent warranty to your machine with our genuine parts.

Using the genuine spare parts can extend your generator running time, efficiency and reliability. Ateco Engineering provides you with genuine CUMMINS, PERKINS, MAN , DOOSAN, and MITSUBISHI engine spare parts.  From engine seal to filter, battery to coolant, fuel tank to lubricants and etc. Your need is our urgency, Ateco Engineering service department will quickly response to you inquiry, check the right parts for you , then we will delivery all parts to  you by the best delivery and transportation or please contact our company.

The Spare Parts of Washing Machine , Chiller and etc. our company are ready for all service immeditaely as well.

Auto Transfer System (ATS)

For emergency power in buildings or other circumstances, Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) is essential. ATS can automatically transfer load between the main power and the emergency power (generating set)without the operator. When the main power fails or the voltage  drops below 80% of normal voltage, the ATS will start the emergency generating set after a preset time of 0-10 seconds(adjustable),and transfer the load to emergency power (generating set). Contrarily, when the main power recovers to normal level, the ATS will  transfer the load from the emergency power (generating set) to the main power, and then stop the emergency power (generating set).


ATS standard controller

Dual power source automatic swich intelligent controller with core microprocessor, the module can be accurately detecting two three-phase voltage. During loss of electricity, over voltage, under voltage, phase, the system can make accurate diagnose and make control to ATS switch. The controller is capable of sending accurate signal to start generator when city power fails.


Parallel Control System

Automatic Parallel Control Panel  DSE8610 One with all the functions One gen-set, one panel. The panel can be used both for singly and parallel.  With maximum of undertake 32 generator sets to parallel.


Automation Control System

This application used by PLC, HMI, SCADA for Automation Builging, Injection Molding Machine, CNC, and for all application of industrial machine. And also supported to Plastics Injection service.


CNC Machinery for Jig Fixture

Our company was service for Jig Fixture and supported to the business of autoparts, molding, and also the all of metal working products.


Warranty Service

1.One year warranty or 1200 running hours for the gensets and Chiller (accord to whichever reach first) from  shipment date.
2.Two years warranty for Washing Machine, Dryer Machine, etc. and for all application.

After-Sales Service

Our company is the professional of after-sales service.So we are ready to service to our clients 24 hrs.